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Informed parents, creative babies!

For a sensitive parenting, the sound of affection


Compose lullabies based on deep research on lullabies from around the world. Because we believe in the important role they play in education and the healthy development of your baby , helping to strengthen the emotional ties and complicity between parents and children

Content for TV / Media

  • Productions videos / stories in 3D and 2D
  • Musical compositions / soundtracks
  • Scientific content related to parenting by a panel of researchers and experts in the field of Education , Arts Education , Neurosciences , Psychology and Pediatrics.
  • Custom Creative Illustration

Interactive and unique applications

We seek innovative cross between the music and the arts with new technologies for a healthy development of infants and children and educational support for parents . Always attentive to the latest research about babies and parenting.



We are for art and music quality

White Noise is the collective loneliness started in the cradle. It is worse than noise.

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Who we are?

You will understand in the blink of an eye.

The BabyPiano presents with lullabies, sweet-natured and very comforting, that transmit peace and welfare to the baby, also quieting parents and strengthening the emotional ties and complicity between them. Our work involves extensive research on lullabies from around the world highlighting the important role that they play in education and human development, with a very strong focus on education, starting and monitoring from the moment where it really begins, not in school but in the womb!

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What we do

We show the best of us.


Content for TV / Media

Interactive and unique applications

Educational products

Lulling to educate

Por Carla Baptista Alves

Education - it begins in the womb and not when school starts!

Music is one of our first learning experiences and it begins in the womb, albeit often in an informal, sensory and affective way.

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What kind of music should I play at bedtime?

There is no single genre. Almost all music is likely to be transformed, this is, the music that had a very fast rhythm can be changed into a ballad, or we can sing the solo of a song for the guitar.

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Sing to your baby!

The voice is the most natural, calming, most effective, most pacifying and comforting tranquilliser for the baby.

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The colours of music or the voice

The baby does not master verbal communication, but through voice and crying, it is able to express its feelings and primary emotions

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"When my first child was born , instinctively I wanted to share all my love that i felt for him through what I do best: Singing
Carla Baptista Alves (MD, PhD Student)


Soprano and Songwriter

Researcher in Art Education

Musical career

Endowed with great musicality and stylistic sense, it is a very complete and versatile singer. Her vocal timbre and quality, its interpretative intelligence and her technical field, early drew attention, particularly in ease of pianissimo employment, allowing you to work a vast and very diverse repertoire both in opera, oratorio and Lied. It has played a series of concerts both as a soloist and as in ensembles both in Portugal and abroad. In her repertoire also are contemporary works, genre that early privileged, presented in absolute premieres in national premieres and / or recordings.

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