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White noise: Lullaby or dislullaby for babies?

Por Carla Baptista Alves
Contrary to music or speech, White Noise, noise, is a sound that does not have an auditory pattern, which may interfere with language development and speech delay.

I believe that White Noise represents the dehumanization and solitude of present-day society, given in massive quantities - of volume, duration, and disaffection! It is the collective solitude begun in the cradle. It is more and worse than noise. You can not even speak of a language free of affection, for it is not even a language. It is a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner that comforts and cuddles the baby's sleeping, toddler's sleep, sometimes throughout the night. No choice. It's the new way to welcome the world. Despite the fascinating evolution of recent times, the baby is still born baby, and we must respect their innate needs. There is neither a method of educating nor a manual for babies. There is a baby, unique, ready to feel the world, and who feels and develops according to the ambience. Although born with an identity, with its genetics, within its culture, the care and affection it receives in the early times will shape its being and determine its adult behavior. If she cries alone in the cradle - and crying is an innate quality - she will not learn to sleep alone. What he learns is that it's no use crying - and babies cry when they want to say something - learn to deal with helplessness, because their crying has not been respected, understood or comforted. Given the modus vivendi of industrialized societies, there is not much time to be a baby. Everything has to be fast. Everything hurries. Hurry up on growth; Hurries to weaning - when there is time for breastfeeding; He rushes the separation, to learn in baby to be an autonomous adult, and hurries to fall asleep. To educate is to give meaning, to involve, to form respect, within a holistic vision of what is being. And being is born baby and depends on us.

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