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What kind of music should I play at bedtime?

There is no single genre. Almost all music is likely to be transformed, this is, the music that had a very fast rhythm can be changed into a ballad, or we can sing the solo of a song for the guitar. Everything depends on the way we do it. We can also invent it ourselves, and why not? A tune for the moment and same state of spirit, with or without words, but with a soft and sweet “rocking” voice, giving it a feel with a hypnotic and very affective effect.

It depends on the musical tastes of the family members, educators and their culture. But lullabies are always recommended: music, language and affectionate communication. Even if you think that you sing badly, your voice is a balm for your baby. Any type of calm music that provides tranquillity will be effective. Babies do not seem to like very loud and "aggressive” music, also preferring slower rhythms with 60 to 70 beats per minute because it resembles the beating of the heart

There is also the myth that this music is better than that one, or one composer is better than the other...We are all different and although music is a universal language, there is not one song that has the same effect on all people. What calms some is not necessarily what calms others, sometimes it even causes the opposite effect.

Even if you think that you sing badly, your voice is a balm for your baby. Although some studies show the preference of babies for female voices, the voices of those who care are always welcome.

If you choose to sing to your baby, maybe the choice will be easier, since you will be watching the moment and be able to adapt the music that you sing. If music is played on an electronic device, you might want to play music with a slow rhythm, with the volume adjusted, soft, and the melody should be adapted to the age of the child.

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