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Who we are?

The BabyPiano presents with lullabies, sweet-natured and very comforting, that transmit peace and welfare to the baby, also quieting parents and strengthening the emotional ties and complicity between them. Our work involves extensive research on lullabies from around the world highlighting the important role that they play in education and human development, with a very strong focus on education, starting and monitoring from the moment where it really begins, not in school but in the womb!

Our mission aims to produce music and animations to soothe babies and parents from the first moments, improving sleep patterns and strengthening the bonds of affection, leaning either in music or in new technologies. Our products and services aspire somatize new technology platforms with art, child development with sleep, arts education with creativity, reality with imagination.


Because children are active participants in their own development together with the adults with whom they relate. Thus, through experimentation we can improve or decrease the innate potential of the baby, because their early years are a period of enormous growth opportunity.

We know that during these early years education is crucial and has tremendous consequences on the personality of the building each and with direct consequences in adulthood. Because Our biggest development as humans occurs during the first few years, and it is amazing to watch this fascinatingly fast growth, which takes place from the newborn to a child of five years. Never lifelong back to grow and develop this breakneck speed.

Because the baby is born dependent. Born dependent, fragile, and vulnerable. Requires not only physical care, food and hygiene, but of affection and emotional care. still needs to meet its huge need for protection. So also before falling asleep, need affection, they need to feel loved and loved, comforted, to feel protected and soothed by their parents. This is the trust and relax they need to gently fall asleep if they leave.

Because the universality of music is part of human nature, keeping a pivotal role in all cultures. We are born with a brain adapted to understand the complex musical structures. That is, the human being is born musical, born with the ability to communicate and express themselves musically. The music does not exist outside the brain, are vibrations. According Sacks, amusia or the inability to perceive the music occurs only when there is brain damage.

If music is, and resist persists, and all without exception, music surround ourselves so hard, it's because this has a major role in the development of the species.

Because the transition to sleep not always easy, this smooth transition requires patience and wisdom.

There is a baby, single, ready to feel the world, and that feels and develops according to the ambience. Despite being born with an identity, with its genetics within their culture, care and affection that you receive in the early days, it will shape his being and determine their behavior in adult.

To educate is to make sense, is involved, it is to form respecting, within a holistic view of what is being. And the baby is born and dependent on us.

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