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Carla Baptista Alves is a Portuguese soprano born in Porto, family coming from Lisbon, but was in Minho , along with her three brothers , where she grew up and received her first musical lessons in cross flute and organ . Still very young , with only the age of 12 , she began teaching musical initiation to the little ones . To continue their musical studies had to leave home at age 15. She returned to Porto to complete the Corner of courses and piano at the Conservatory, later completing the Superior Singing Course at School of Music and Performing Arts in the class Prof. Fernanda Correia. Later she worked in France with soprano Ileana Cotrubaş . Later, the Brussels Opera Studio in Belgium and in Hannover, Germany , intensively studied under the guidance of soprano Elena Dumitrescu and bass­baritone Franz Ferdinand Nentwig.

Musical career

Endowed with great musicality and stylistic sense, it is a very complete and versatile singer. Her vocal timbre and quality, its interpretative intelligence and her technical field, early drew attention, particularly in ease of pianissimo employment, allowing you to work a vast and very diverse repertoire both in opera, oratorio and Lied. It has played a series of concerts both as a soloist and as in ensembles both in Portugal and abroad. In her repertoire also are contemporary works, genre that early privileged, presented in absolute premieres in national premieres and / or recordings.

Her artistic intervention has always sought to cover a wide spectrum stylistic and to collaborate in other forms of artistic expression, participating in movie soundtracks, painting exhibitions, multimedia shows, dance or theater. Raids in jazz or pop are likewise part of the journey, adding collaborations with Maria Viana or Rodrigo Leão. Given its versatility and taste very eclectic felt need not be confined to a single style or musical time until because always advocated non compartmentalisation of music. In 2008 she launched in his own name the CD "World Music for Babies" dedicated to her first child, which dared to orchestrate and also to present songs of her own, and later spent another job to her other daughter, after his birth. The growing interest in composition and orchestration led her to work orchestration with the Greek composer Dimitris Andrikopoulos. Despite several appeals contrary, she decided to give up her international career as opera singer to devote to their children, but without giving up, of course, her dedication to music, participating only in specific events and dedicated herself more to own copyright works. In 2011 published new work "another place" where beyond to give voice to the themes that make up the album, embraced the composition and orchestration. It has composed soundtracks for television. Stirred by motherhood, dedicated parallel education, particularly in Arts Education, also becoming a researcher in this area, which is finishing his PhD.

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