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Sing to your baby!

The voice is the most natural, calming, most effective, most pacifying and comforting tranquilliser for the baby. The voice, touch, look, and smell, i.e. this world of the senses is more amplified and strengthened through lullabies. You can sing or talk to your baby whenever you feel like it, there are no side effects! Babies prefer their parent's voices.

Sharing music, singing or talking is a way of communicating our affections – this communication will transmit confidence, tranquillity and well-being to the baby. Simply through hearing, music provides various stimuli and a change to the state of mind.

I believe that a significant part of parents feel very much intimidated and/or uncomfortable, because they consider their excessively intoned chanting and far too simple song repertoire as being too childish and not very vast, chastising themselves for not being perfect, many times foregoing the act of singing due to the fact that they consider it insufficiently worthwhile and insignificant. The baby does not want singing perfection; it prefers the emotion and the affection it contains. All lullabies are valid and there is no substitute for the voices of the mother, the father, brother or the voice of affection. Not now, not ever!

Through the voice, mainly the maternal voice, and music, the relationship between mother and son is greatly strengthened, simultaneously stimulating the baby's cerebral, physical and emotional development.

It is still while inside the maternal body, during pregnancy, that the baby and its mother establish very strong affective and communicational bonds. The complicity of affection and the sharing of such a grand feeling as is the ability to generate life also generates a great Love between them, and in the mother a great need to communicate that same Love to her child. It is therefore very often that we see pregnant women instinctively stroking their belly or talking to the baby. And according to Prof. Dr. Alfred Tomatis “The vocal food that a mother gives to her child is as important for the development of the baby as her own milk”.

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